We currently only exercise the pre-order sales of Desktop PC and Laptop. You will need to send us the brand and model details of the PC that you are willing to purchase. However, we do commit that you would get the best competitive price from us in the whole market.

Hoping to bring out the quick online sales of PC soon.

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As you already probably know that in Kyrios we do the repairing as well. Bring up your broken gadgets and get it fixed with genuine parts. Our technicians are professionals who has years of experience in the field, they are sure to give their best to make your broken devices as good as new.

Also if in-case you would like to try out the repairing yourself then come to us for the parts and spares. But we do not recommend as their may be risks during the procedures. Only proceed with caution.

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IT equipment and gadgets should always be checked from time to time in order to take the best performance from them. Here is a short list of what we currently provide servicing and maintenance for:

  • Desktop PCs and Laptops
  • Printers and Plotters
  • Projectors
  • Other gadgets

Did you know that we have door to door servicing facilities? Well, now you would not have to travel carrying the bulk equipment and need not worry about the parts being replaced as you will get the best service for your equipment right at your surveillance.

The everyday competition over the market for business growth is getting tougher. Kyrios knows about this ongoing competitions and can help you to get your business ranks higher through digital platforms. In among of many digital platforms to improve business, web development is a must have in today’s condition for every organization.

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Networking services for both home and business. From a simple network for your home to share printers and Internet access to a robust and secure setup for your business, we are always up.

Kyrios proactively manages your IT function, so technology works for you to support your success. We take full responsibility for your network and make sure to keep up 24/7 with no or minimal downtime.

We also make sure no one can access your data or use your shared Internet service without your knowledge. By tracking every uses and after having a transparent view over your network you may find anyone if they use your Internet services to perform illegal activities.

Need a hand for a quick troubleshooting? Our consultant are always up to help you in need. They are at their best to guide you through your problems. You can always visit us if you are unable to make it out on your own.

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