Glitters Deployment – Shree Kantheshwor Secondary School

Shree Kantheshwor Secondary School is located at Tokarpur, Doramba – 3 in Ramechhap District in the Janakpur Zone of North-East Nepal. The school had about 350 students and 14 teachers currently active at the time of our visit. Though the roads had reached the place, it was still under construction and would be hard to get through that road during rainy seasons. In regarding the infrastructural developments, a lot of the developments have already taken place and some of them are already taking good pace. Electricity is almost 24 hours a day but minor power breakage occurred during our stay. With that being said, the school was never affected by the electrical ups and downs as the whole school system was solar powered.

The very first official Glitters Implementation was started from Shree Kantheshwor Secondary School where our Journey began from 15th March 2019. Rabi Maharjan was our contact person there who helped us throughout the deployment period. Catching a ride from Koteshwor at 7:00 am, we reached there at 3:00 pm with a single stop for lunch. The very first day we reached there, we had a very warm welcome from all the teachers and staffs of the school. Though we had planned to make the deployment on the very day, the long ride had made us really tired where we had to shift it to the next day. For the Day-1, we wrapped up only with the introductory session. Being served with delicious treats and enough sleep, we were on to the deployment of Glitters on the following day. The school was equipped with a fine Computer Lab along with required accessories. Due to lack of timely servicing of the PC’s some of them were required to be repaired. Our two-man team being the expert in the repairing and maintenance, it was a piece of luck that every computer was now ready to work. The installation of servers for Glitters were made after the repairs and the deployment was completed by the day. During the Day-2, the prime highlight for us was again the food. We were invited for the meal in the principal’s house where we were served with Dhido and Sisnu, which was of course very delicious. It also has a lot of benefits for health and the complete food package fall under one of the healthy meals. Thereby, for the second night, we were again very lucky as two wedding ceremony of the locals were being held and we too were invited. Getting more opportunities to build a closer relationship with teachers and staffs, it was easier for us to know them better which could ultimately aid us during the training sessions. After a long night party, we were to plan for the training session as well. On the Day-3, the school had final terminal exams going on. So, the short session we planned for the students was not possible. Despite that, we continued our training sessions only for the teachers and it was very interactive. Since all of them were already used to Computers and Smart Phones, it was a lot easier for us to teach them the workarounds of the Glitters. The training day went on well and all of them were very much enthusiastic to learn. We ended our first Glitters deployment by the end of the day and returned to Kathmandu the other morning with hope and belief to empower digital literacy in Nepal.

Overall, the first Deployment of Glitters went well and we would like to grant our many thanks to Rabi Maharjan and all the Shree Kantheshwor Secondary School personnel for their assistance during the tenure. With a motto to glitter the nation with interactive learning, we wish to receive similar supports and aids in the upcoming days.



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