Editing “Add to cart” text on hover effect in products – eCommerce lite theme (WordPress)

Changing the hover text on WooCommerce sites can sometimes give you trouble. Though WooCommerce gives you the option to change the text on your product’s Add To Cart button by simply going through All Products setting and editing the Product type as “External/Affiliate Product”. You are then provided with an option as “button text”, there you can enter the desired text for your button. However, this does not always change the button text during the hover effect of your WooCommerce products.

Below I have described in steps to how you can change the hovering “Add To Cart” button in your eCommerce Lite theme.

  1. Log in to your dashboard using your WordPress username and password.
  2. Then on the left sidebar, you should be able to see Appearance > Editor.
  3. You are then prompted with the WordPress editor in the main screen.
  4. Now, in the right sidebar, below Theme Files select spiderbuzz.
  5. Then, select hook > woocommerce.php
  6. At the beginning of this file, there should be the description of the contents of this file where you should find “eCommerce Lite Add To Cart Button Text Change”
  7.  Now find $ecommerce_lite_store_woocommerce_addtocart_text = get_theme_mod( 'ecommerce_lite_store_woocommerce_addtocart_text',' Add To Cart' );
  8. Change ' Add To Cart' text to anything you wish to e.g.' Inquire'
  9. Find the “Update File” button and click on it.
  10. There you should now have the hover button with the text you desired.

WooCommerce Products on hover button text sample

On Hover - Before Edit
On Hover - Before Edit
On Hover - After Edit
On Hover - After Edit

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