Supporting “Udeshya: Girls in STEM”

Glimpses of Kyrios supporting in a workshop organized by Udeshya: Girls in STEM

Session : Introduction to MS-Word and MS-PowerPoint

The workshop organized by Udeshya: Girls in STEM was to introduce to MS-Word and MS-PowerPoint to build a base on Word processing and presentation instructed by Ranjana Gautam held on July 7, 2018.

About Udeshya

Udeshya or Ambition: This name was inspired from the old Nepali quote “उदेश्य के लिनु उडी छुनु चन्द्र एक।” roughly meaning “Reach for the stars.” We aim to show that this quote is for girls too.

Udeshya is a two-day workshop for girls about STEM, an initiative organized by Teach for Nepal Alumni Astha, Milan, Richa and Shina. Supported by Karkhana, Women in STEM Nepal, Girls in Technology, Teach For AllTeach for Nepal.

Kyrios for Udeshya: Girls in STEM

Kyrios and the team are very glad to have been able to support the very Workshop. We value the work and the vision held by the whole team of Teach for Nepal. We are already fascinated by the global movement of GIT (Girls in Information Technology). So, we think Girls in STEM is a huge step and would like to support their movements in days further as we also are involved in the very world of IT.

We look forward to aiding Udeshya: Girls in STEM in days ahead in any way we can and wish the best of days in their future endeavour.

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