Kyrios with Pelmu Drukpa’s covers

Tshering Pelmo Lama was born in Petku in Sindhupalchowk, Nepal in 2000. With her close ones calling her with a name Pelmu Drupa, she is mostly known with the very name. Having grown up in a cultural land and with a mother who loves music, her interest in music grew tremendously. Throughout her life, Drukpa has always been fascinated by songs and how the world is represented through rhythms. Naturally, she was drawn to music. The interest was cultivated during her tender age and further developed when she opted to take her Training for vocal classes.

After years of hard training, Pelmu delved even more into her vocal practice, which drove her to make various cover song videos. The cover videos, that Pelmu posts on her social media are the only mediums where we can listen to her mesmerizing voice for now. Even though there aren’t enough opportunities opening for her to show the talent that lurks inside her, she has been able to win the heart of the people around her.

Drukpa also is a science student studying at The New Summit College, Maitidevi. She is currently at Grade XII with Computer Science as her major. With a relevant interest in Information Technology, she also aims to continue her further studies on IT.

Drukpa has been involved in making various entertainment videos as well, using apps like Musically and Snap Chat. She also has her own followers who seek to learn the tips and tricks from her. Though she is filled with so much enthusiasm and talent, the opportunities are really low.

We here at Kyrios want to help her grow. We believe every talent must be brought to the front and let the world know about it. Although Kyrios is not in such fields and we are incompetent for the market, we just want to help Ms. Drukpa to reach more people through internet mediums.

We at Kyrios wish Ms. Drukpa a very bright and successful future ahead.


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